Blogger Javier Manjarres of the Shark Tank kicked out of Democrats' Jefferson-Jackson Dinner


Just before DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz was about to speak at the annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Hollywood she saw to it that conservative blogger Javier Manjarres was removed from the event.

“I have posted a lot of articles about Debbie’s chief opponent this election cycle, Karen Harrington, so perhaps that’s the reason why they felt compelled to escort me out of the event?” he wrote at The Shark Tank on Saturday.

“Apparently conservative bloggers aren’t welcome,” tweeted the AP’s Brendan Farrington.

Oh, please, Javier was not there as a blogger or a member of the new media. He’s a paid tracker of Harrington’s and it was smart politics on DWS’s part to have Manjarres removed from the event.

Manjarres told Examiner he “ran into” Wasserman Schultz’s handler, who “flipped out” and ran to her boss.

He then noticed that she was running around the room, pointing him out to security officials.

“They asked for my credentials, which they gave me,” he said, “and then came back and booted me out stating that I didn’t have RSVP credentials prior to the event.”

Material from Joe Newby of The Examiner was used in this post.

Manjarres said he didn’t know if any other writers or bloggers were present who got credentials at the door.

“Everyone I know got there after I did,” he said.

Manjarres has been highly critical of Wasserman Schultz over the last month, with articles that have been picked up by several national outlets, including Fox News.