Jennifer Carroll's accuser calls on LG to take lie-detector test


From the Capitol News Service’s Whitney Ray:

Florida’s Lieutenant Governor is being asked to take a lie-detector test tonight in connection with a criminal case of one of her former employees.

Carletha Cole is that employee. She was fired from Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll’s office in September and later charged with a felony for leaking an illegally recorded conversation to reporters. Cole claims she was setup because she caught Carroll and her female travel aide in a “compromising position.” After the alleged incident Cole’s trashcan was set on fire by the travel aide, Beatriz Ramos. According to a FDLE arson investigation Ramos started the fire when she threw away a partially smoked cigar in Cole’s trashcan. FDLE ruled the fire an accident.

Now, tonight, in an TV exclusive, we’ve obtained a letter sent to the state fire marshal’s office. The letter calls for an independent investigation and for “the Lieutenant Governor (to) voluntarily submit to a polygraph examination by an FBI polygrapher.”

Cole’s attorneys are requesting the same for Ramos, who admits she accidentally started the fire. The letter gives the State Fire Marshal’s office until the end of Tuesday to respond. If an investigation isn’t launched by then, the FBI will be asked to intervene.

Be sure to read Ray’s story to download the letter from Cole’s attorneys.