What did Everett Rice supporter Tim Ingold mean by this e-mail…?


Before he was a visible supporter of Everett Rice’s campaign for Sheriff, Tim Ingold was his opponent and, occasionally, his critic.

Ingold, the former union leader, retired as a captain in 2010 and started a private investigation business. After a brief campaign for Sheriff, he dropped out and endorsed Rice. By all accounts, he is one of the most knowledgeable observers of the Sheriff’s race.

That’s why I wonder what Ingold meant in a June 2011 e-mail (pictured below) in which he discusses a fundraiser for Rice?

“Lock the liquor cabinets….” writes Ingold in response to an invitation to a June 16, 2011 event for Rice’s campaign.

Certainly, Ingold could be referring to himself or others receiving the e-mail, but, remember, Ingold received this e-mail back when he was running against Rice.

I’ll leave it to Ingold, who is an occasional commenter on this blog, to explain. Tim, what say you?