Personnel note: Kelly Layman leaving communications post with SUS's Board of Governors


Funny, I just contacted the BOG’s yesterday for confirmation of this story, but I was told Layman was still with SUS.

Anyway, here is the scoop, via Chancellor Frank Brogan:

Dear Board Members and Staff:

I want to share with you that our Executive Director of Communications, Kelly Layman, is leaving the Board of Governors office this month.  Without a doubt, she has raised the level of engagement with the media to new heights during her service. Over the last two years, that effort translated to a high level of dedication in representing the Board with statewide and national media and other groups.  In doing so, Kelly created a new communications infrastructure that will serve us well into the future. Notably, when the Board rolled out its new 2025 Strategic Plan, Annual Accountability Report, and University Work Plan template, Kelly worked hard to help the public understand the synergy of these three documents, which were developed by Board members and staff. In fact, national press recognized the Board’s hard work by saying we were quickly becoming ‘the most accountable public university System in the nation.’

On behalf of the Board of Governors and the staff, I want to express my sincere appreciation for Kelly’s service to the State University System and the State of Florida.  During the past 22 years, she has served in all three branches of government, and we wish her well as she returns to the private sector. Kelly will be joining Tallahassee-based MedAffinity as a shareholder, where she will have a leading role in the national technology company’s ‘second-stage start-up phase’ while doing other consulting work. (MedAffinity specializes in electronic health records software, which is a good example of Florida’s growing knowledge-based economy!)