Video – Mack to Adam Smith: 'When you decide to be a real journalist, I'll talk to you'


Via Florida Democracy: While Connie Mack was more than happy to talk about Nelson’s record, he was less inclined to talk about his own. He refused to answer Tampa Bay Times’ political reporter Adam Smith’s questions, telling him: “When you decide to be a real journalist, I’ll be more than happy to talk to you.”

Smith received the wrath of the Mack campaign after his paper’s editorial board–not Smith–failed to endorse the congressman on Sunday. Mack campaign manager Dave Cohen wrote an open letter calling the paper the “National Enquirer of Florida politics” and accusing Smith of “waging a tireless campaign against conservatives and Republicans.”

One of the reasons the Tampa Bay Times did not endorse Mack was because of “questionable work habits,” including his record of missed votes. “By one measure, he has missed more than twice as many votes in the House as the average member since taking office,” the Tampa Bay Times editorial board wrote on Sunday.