Rob Wallace demanding his Senate opponent, John Legg, resign from Florida House because he no longer lives in district


State Senate candidate Rob Wallace is demanding that his opponent in the GOP primary, Rep. John Legg, should resign from the Florida House.

That’s because, Wallace argues, when he moved into Senate District 17, Legg moved out of his House district.

“In Legg’s quest for a new job in the Florida Senate he has completely abandoned his Constitutional duty to reside with his constituents in District 46” , Wallace said.

Wallace cites Article III Section 15(c) of the Florida Constitution requires that a “Legislator shall be … a resident of the district from which elected.”

Wallace said, “John Legg should resign from the House of Representatives to clear this matter up, since he is not following the Constitution.  He is also not compliant with his oath of office in which he swore to uphold the State Constitution.”