Speaker Designate Will Weatherford hosting 'hard-dollar' fundraiser for 20 incumbents today in Tallahassee


Speaker Designate Will Weatherford is hosting a fundraising reception today in Talllahassee to raise ‘hard -dollars’ for 20 incumbent members of the Florida House, including Reps. Janet Adkins, Michael Bileca, Jason Brodeur, Doug Broxson, Matt Caldwell, Marti Coley, Richard Corcoran, Chris Dorworth,  Clay Ford, Erik Fresen, Eddy Gonzalez, Ed Hooper, Peter Nehr, Jeanette Nuñez, Jose Oliva, Kathleen Passidomo, Doc Renuart, John Tobia, Carlos Trujillo and John Wood.

The event begins at noon in the Plantation Room of The Governors Club.