Direct mail round-up: Outside group attacks Jeff Brandes…again


Another day, another direct mailpiece sent in the race for State Senate District 22 between Jeff Brandes and Jim Frishe.

Last week, a group called Accountability in Government sent out negative mailers about Frishe. Accountability in Government has received money from a web of other groups, including a committee headed by Brandes and a political fund with ties to Negron and other senators.

In mailboxes today is piece from the Committee to Protect Florida, an electioneering organization supportive of Frishe. Two weeks ago, the CPF began a campaign against Brandes, attacking him for a vote he cast on Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the state-run company that covers more Floridians than any property insurer. PolitiFact ruled that attack ‘Mostly True.’

This piece targets Brandes’ vote to not “support Governor Scott’s auto insurance reforms to put the brakes on rising rates.” We’ll see what PolitiFact thinks about this mailer. In the meantime, here’s the latest: