ICYMI: Former Crist spokeswoman, Erin Isaac, leaves high-profile job with Linda McMahon’s US Senate campaign


Erin Isaac, one-time communications director in Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial administration, has left another high-profile campaign position, this time parting ways with Linda McMahon’s US Senate campaign in Connecticut.

While the campaign confirmed Isaac’s departure, it did not say why it has lost a member of its public affairs team so close to the Aug. 14 primary.

Isaac’s departure does follow an increasing number of press accounts that McMahon’s campaign was “off script.”

Previous to working on McMahon’s campaign, Isaac was involved in a losing mayoral campaign in Jacksonville.  She also played a leadership role in the inauguration proceedings of Florida Governor Rick Scott.

In November of 2009, then-Governor and US Senate candidate Charlie Crist fired Isaac after Crist after a spate of bad press, including imbroglios that Crist denied he knew that President Obama was visiting troops in Jacksonville, and then denied he ever “endorsed” the president’s economic stimulus package despite campaigning with Obama for its passage in Fort Myers.

In early 2010, Isaac’s home in Tallahassee was burned to the ground with arson suspected in the incident.