GOP truth squads to dig into political leanings of PolitiFact editors and writers


Spurred by the Republican Party’s documented claim that PolitiFact Virginia is biased, Republicans are dispatching truth squads nationwide to question “rulings” from other state PolitiFacts units and dig into the political leanings of reporters and editors of the Pulitzer Prize winning operation, reports the Washington Examiner.

“We’re frustrated with the demonstrated level of bias from not just PolitiFact Virginia, but other PolitiFact units across the country,” said a top GOP official on background.

As they did in Virginia, the Republican strategists are poring over the rulings from other state units of PolitiFact, which rates statements from candidates on a scale of “pants on fire” lies to “true” based on source materials.

They are also reviewing the backgrounds of Politifact reporters and editors. “We are poring through the backgrounds of these writers and what Republicans are finding would appear to back up our argument about media bias,” said the official. PolitiFact units operate out of newspapers in Ohio, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

The GOP truth squad, for example, wants to find out the party registration of reporters or editors. For example, they found that a PolitiFact Virginia editor has voted in five Democratic primaries and one Republican primary over the last 10 years. They are also looking over the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the reporters and editors for hint of bias.

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