Latest poll shows Bob Gualtieri now leading Everett Rice, 43% to 39%


St. Pete Polls has released the results of general survey of likely Republican primary voters within Pinellas County and the results show that the race for Sheriff is now moving decidedly in Bob Gualtieri’s direction.

Gualtieri is ahead of Rice 43 to 39 percent, according to the latest poll. That’s a marked improvement from the last survey from St. Pete Polls which showed Rice leading Gualtieri 51 to 48 percent. Both of these polls are a dramatic shift since the race first began and Rice led Gualtieri by as much as 43 percent in Rice’s internal polls.

Voters were only polled on the races that are included in their individual precinct and political party. A total of 6,124 people were robo-polled. St. Pete Polls says the results are scientifically weighted by political party, race, gender and age, except for single-party races where party is not used as a weighting factor.