Connie Mack Campaign goes after Tampa Bay Times reporter Adam Smith … again


An open letter from the Connie Mack Campaign:

Adam Smith
The Tampa Bay Times
490 First Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Dear Adam,
Since we recently (and appropriately) criticized you for unfairly attacking Connie while doing everything you can to protect Bill Nelson, your latest attack comes as no surprise.
I guess you just can’t help yourself.
You tweeted and reported that Connie missed votes this year.  What you didn’t mention is that when Bill Nelson was in Congress and running statewide for Governor in 1990, he had the absolute worst voting record of anyone in Congress. He missed a whopping 56% of his votes. Surely you must know that.
Once again you are acting like Bill Nelson’s Communications Director doing opposition research on your opponent while ignoring the record of your own candidate. The only thing that surprises me, Adam, is that you would do this so soon after being exposed.
I’m sure Bill Nelson appreciates all your doing for him. But Adam, there’s still time for your redemption, and the people would appreciate that so much more.
Your friend,
Jeff Cohen