Democrat Val Demings wins key straw poll in CD 10 race


Democratic congressional candidate Chief Val Demings won the straw poll at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando’s Hob Nob last night.

Demings is locked in a competitive general election campaign with incumbent Republican Dan Webster.

On her win, former Police Chief Val Demings said, “For months, I have been talking with voters and community leaders about ways to reduce the deficit and put Americans back to work. Like many businesses in the area, I had to find a way to do more with less as Chief of Orlando’s Police Department.  We trimmed millions from our budget while keeping every patrol car on the street and still reducing violent crime by 40%. It comes down to priorities. I put common sense above partisanship – and that’s just what American’s need from leaders in Washington right now. That’s why I’m running, and I’m glad to have the support of those who voted in last night’s straw poll.”