Supreme Court Justices at over $300K for merit retention campaigns


Florida Supreme Court Justices Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente and Peggy Quince aren’t typical politicians, but that hasn’t stopped them from raising money hand-over-fist for their merit retention campaigns.  Lewis, Pariente and Quince have each raised over $300,000 since they first opened their merit retention accounts in January, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Division of Elections on Friday.

These latest reports show that Lewis raised $14,365 between July 7 and July 20, while Quince raised $10,835 and Pariente brought in $9,550.  Not surprisingly, most of the money was raised from lawyers and law firms.

Florida law requires Supreme Court Justice to face merit retention every six years, a process by which voters decide in a yes or no vote if they should remain on the bench.