Jeb Bush endorses Marco Pena for House District 49


Big endorsement news to finish a very busy week and take us into the homestretch of the primary season.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has endorsed Marco Pena in his State House 49 race.

“Marco has the courage, experience and determination to confront the tough issues facing our state. His conservative leadership will well serve the people of Florida.” Bush said in the statement.

If you’re running a Republican primary in Florida there are few bigger names you want in your corner than the man many wanted to run for President. And many still wish would accept the Vice-Presidential nod. Bush however turned down any possibility of running with Mitt Romney, instead choosing to promote another Marco. That being Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Pena has had a big week with endorsements. Earlier this week he secured the support of former Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty and before that, current county commissioners Jennifer Thompson and John Martinez. In a game of political baseball, those are singles and doubles when you look at the home run the Pena campaign hit with this announcement. And sets the stage in the homestretch many consider to be the fight for UCF in state politics.

Pena faces opposition from Rene Plasencia in the Republican primary and a showdown with either Joe Saunders or Shayan Elahi in the November general.