In HD 82, Carl Domino accused of over-the-top negative attacks against MaryLynn Magar


MaryLynn Magar’s spokesman Brett Doster is attempting to set the record straight after opponent Carl Domino, launched a series of  over-the-top radio ads that Doster describes as an attempt to tarnish Magar’s strong conservative credentials.

The following statement was released by Doster on behalf of Magar’s campaign:

Carl Domino has chosen an unconscionable approach in his desperate and seemingly unquenchable thirst for public office. He is shamelessly attacking MaryLynn Magar, using her name in the same breath as the names of horrific serial killers.

Carl Domino doesn’t let the truth get in the way of his negative campaign.

Consider the facts. MaryLynn Magar is endorsed by Congressman Tom Rooney, Senator Joe Negron, and Florida Right to Life. She has served faithfully as a Republican State Committeewoman for 12 years. She supported Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate while Carl Domino was the Palm Beach Chairman for the Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate Campaign.

MaryLynn is a strong advocate for 2nd Amendment rights and has received the maximum rating from the National Rifle Association.

She supports a strong criminal justice system.

If Domino is willing to make such outlandish accusations against a fellow Republican, what is he willing to hide about himself? Carl may simply be trying to obscure his unusually weak record on life issues, which includes his vote to allow human cloning and seven other pro-abortion votes during his time as a legislator. He may also be drawing attention away from his other liberal votes, such as his support for high speed rail, in-state tuition breaks for illegal aliens, and health care benefits for illegal aliens. In the end, the people of our communities are the ones who really stand to lose from Domino’s politics of distraction. MaryLynn Magar will stay focused on the issues, working to restore economic health and the bright future of Florida.