Florida GOP Chair says Rick Scott isn’t one to “toot his own horn” — what about the early TV and website?


In a flailing e-mail to, well, it’s not entirely clear, Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry writes that Florida Governor Rick Scott “is not the type to brag or toot his own horn…”


So what about the redesigned website, which looked eerily similar to former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty’s website, Scott had his supporters at the RPOF create?

Or what about the TV spots which aired across the state — as part of a “very substantial” buy according to the party — touting the alleged role of Scott in turning around the economy?

Toot, toot.

And it’s not just big-ticket items like TV ads and web websites. Check the e-mails from any political appointee working in the capital. Notice how the signature in their correspondence includes some form of propaganda about “Florida heading in the right direction.”

Give it a break, Chairman Curry. The only thing less appealing than Rick Scott’s humble-bragging is him having you insist he’s not doing just that.