Stat of the Day: Voters in Florida have each seen more than $88 million in advertising


This statistic is almost breathtaking.

National Journal finds the two presidential campaigns and their outside supporters “have purchased $457 million in television advertising. Voters in Florida have each seen more than $88 million in advertising, while Virginia voters have seen over $63 million in television spots.”

The meme I keep going over in my head is how Florida’s 2012 campaign cycle lost any sense of proportion to previous elections. Of course today’s elections are more expensive than previous ones. I get, understand — and even welcome — that. But the difference between the money spent in 2012 and years past is so disproportionate that it’s difficult for many of us, veterans of so many campaigns, to get our hands around just how much money is being spent. At all levels.

Today, a single State House races will expend what a State Senator would spend over the course of two or thee election cycles.

The money spent in a State Senate race in Florida is equivalent to what is expended in most Congressional races in other states.

And the Congressional races? Allen West just hit the $10 million mark in fundraising. Ten million dollars!

It’s almost difficult to comprehend.