Watch new attack ad against Jeff Brandes: ‘Those darn driverless cars’


The folks at Google won’t be happy after seeing the latest attack ad against State Senate candidate Jeff Brandes.

Brandes’ initiative to make it easier for Google’s autonomous car to be driven in Florida is at the center of a mildly funny attack ad paid for by the Committee to Protect Florida, a third-party group which supports Brandes’ opponent, Jim Frishe.

There must be something in the polling that shows that the Google Car idea scares the sh*t out of elderly voters, because this is the second attack on Brandes on this issue. Over the weekend, the CPF sent a  mailer to voters which basically says Brandes is sending robots to kill old people.

During the last two weeks, voters in Senate District 22 have seen commercials with talking dogs, driverless cars and a claim that a lifelong Republican is a “liberal.”

Something tells me it’s going to get weirder before Election Day.