Direct mail round-up: Tallahassee gets involved in Hillsborough judicial candidates


Here’s something not see often. A mailer for a judicial candidate paid for by one of those Tallahassee committees more often involved in state legislative races. This one is for John Grant and is paid for by the Committee to Protect Florida.


If the fact that legislative political committees are getting involved in local judicial races is a surprise, it’s even more surprising to see a judicial candidate rely so heavily on their controversial career serving in the Legislature, as Johnnie Byrd is in the mailer below.  The inside of the mailer is emblazoned with pictures of Byrd during his time in Tallahassee. Of course, nowhere is it mentioned that Byrd is widely considered the worst legislative leader in modern Florida.

Byrd is running against Mark Wolfe. Wolfe could be the starting outfielder for the New York Yankees and he would still be more popular in Hillsborough than Byrd. Hence, his mailer is loaded with endorsements, including one from former Governor Jeb Bush: