St. Pete City Council’s approval rating tanks after Pier vote


According to the local polling outfit, StPetePolls, City Council’s approval rating took a dive this month after nearly a year of steady ratings.

The survey, taken by 2,422 registered city voters on Aug. 4, shows Council’s approval rating at 42.7 percent. Prior to that rating, Council never had an approval rating lower than 49 percent.

Just days before the survey, council voted 6-2 to deny the public the opportunity to vote on the future of the St. Petersburg Pier. More than 23,000 petitions were signed to try and force a vote on the pier.

StPetePolls also asked respondents, if the costs were the same, would you rather renovate the inverted pyramid pier or build the new Lens pier. By more than two-thirds, 68 percent, the public said it wanted to renovate the inverted pyramid.

Mayor Bill Foster also had his lowest approval rating to date. According to the survey, Foster’s August approval rating is 51 percent. That is down from 57 percent in June and 61 percent in May.

Other questions asked in the survey include red light cameras, police department’s high-speed chase policy and the RNC kick-off party at the Trop. Respondents’ approval of the cameras increased from 48 percent in June to 52 percent in August.

Last Thursday Foster and Police Chief Chuck Harmon said there are no plans to change the police department’s high-speed chase policy. According to StPetePolls, the public agrees with that decision. On Aug. 4, 52 percent of those that took the survey said the city should not change its policy regarding car chases.

A majority of respondents were split on their support of the RNC party at the Trop. The support, however, towed the political party line. According to StPetePolls, only 35 percent of Democrat respondent supported the welcome party, while 71 percent of Republican respondents did.

Via William Mansell of Patch.