Obama campaign reserves $181K in Tampa Bay TV airtime during RNC week


For Republicans attending the RNC in Tampa, good luck avoiding the Obama campaign

PresidentObama’s campaign has reserved more than $181,000 in TV airtime on Tampa Bay network affiliates during the last week of August, according to POLITICO’s Steve Friess and Katie Glueck.

“Obama for America will air more than 160 spots on shows as varied as ‘Dr. Phil,’ ‘Undercover Boss’ and ‘Bachelor Pad’ … The Obama ad buys are set all day and into the night, from spending up to $4,500 per ad on ‘America’s Got Talent’ to spots on ‘Rachael Ray’ … and the fantasy show ‘Grimm’ – all in addition to morning and evening news buys. … The Obama campaign … doesn’t have anything approaching the Tampa buys in other large Florida markets …

“[I]t does not appear the Romney campaign has reserved similar space in Charlotte for the following week when the Democrats convene there to renominate Obama, according to filings by Charlotte network affiliates. … [G]roups aligned with Romney have already bought ad time there. Both Americans for Prosperity and American Crossroads … have September purchases in the Charlotte market that include the Sept. 4-7 period of the Democratic National Convention.”