Watch – New web video from Connie Mack: ‘Who cares?’ that I worked at Hooters


Connie Mack’s campaign today released a new web ad featuring Congressman Connie Mack addressing the latest attack ad from Bill Nelson.

In the ad Congressman Mack states:

“Even if it were all true, and it’s not, who cares.

“After all, Bill Nelson and I are candidates for the United States Senate and their are real differences between us.

“Bill Nelson cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare and voted to raise our taxes 150 times- I voted to against ObamaCare and to cut taxes.

“I want to talk about what really matters- fixing our economy, creating jobs and tackling our deficit. Bill Nelson, like a typical career politician, wants to talk about Hooters and what I did as a kid.

“Lets get serious: Our country is in crisis. It’s time to debate the issues that matter, not this nonsense”.