A must-read from David Simon: Rest in peace, DeAndre McCullough


David Simon has penned a touching obit for DeAndre McCullough, who just died of a drug overdose. When McCullough was 15 years old, Simon profiled him for his book The Corner and later hired him to play Lamar (Brother Mouzone’s assistant) in “The Wire”:

He could step back from himself and mock his own stances — “hard work,” he would say when I would catch him on a drug corner, “hard work being a black man in America.”  And then he would catch my eye and laugh knowingly at his presumption.  His imitations of white-authority voices — social workers, police officers, juvenile masters, teachers, reporters — were never less than pinpoint, playful savagery.  The price of being a white man on Fayette Street and getting to know DeAndre McCullough was to have your from-the-other-America pontifications pulled and scalpeled apart by a manchild with an uncanny ear for hypocrisy and cant.

H/t to The Daily Dish.