Will Charlie Crist endorse Barack Obama during DNC?


Mike Allen of POLITICO scoops that Obama advisers are scripting a DNC “featuring several Republicans in a prime-time appeal to independents – and plan a blistering portrayal of Romney as a heartless aristocrat who ‘would devastate the American middle class.’ “

He might not be a Republican anymore, but doesn’t that set-up sound like the perfect time for former Florida governor Charlie Crist to endorse Barack Obama for President?

With Crist recently endorsing Bill Nelson for Senate and unending discussion of him running for Governor in 2014 as a Democrat, there is increasing speculation that Crist will further break ranks with his former party by wholeheartedly endorsing Obama for President sometime before November.

While I would argue there is really little advantage for Crist to publicly support Obama — why alienate the Independents and Republicans who support him by picking sides in a contentious presidential race — I can see the benefits of making such an endorsement, if it must be done, in prime time for the whole political world to see.

And it’s not like Charlie Crist wouldn’t enjoy the attention.