Poll: Scott’s approval numbers improve, but Crist has edge in 2014


If he were to run as a Democrat in Florida’s 2014 gubernatorial election, Charlie Crist would edge Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL), according to a new Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released Friday.

PPP has Crist leading Scott in the hypothetical match-up, 44 to 41 percent.  According to the survey, 42 percent of voters believe that Crist should become a Democrat, while only 27 percent believe he should not switch parties.

Although his approval ratings are still low, Scott is showing improvement among voters in the new poll.

PPP finds 39 percent of Florida voters approve of Scott, up from a 31 percent approval rating just a month ago.

Scott’s improvement is a combination of a rise in his support from independents and his own party, says PPP’s Dustin Ingalls. Independents are now split on the governor, 43-43, versus 26-60 in June. That is over half his improvement. The rest comes from Republicans, who now sit at 64-27 on their governor, versus 53-31.

As for Scott’s lieutenant governor Jennifer Carroll, who was recently accused of having an affair with a female staffer, most voters–73 percent– have no opinion of her.

Other findings:

Attorney General Pam Bondi—one of the speakers scheduled to address the RNC– is better-known but still not that well-recognized, with 53 percent having no opinion.

Democrats have a razor-thin one-point edge in the generic Congressional ballot in a likely-voter test of that measure. The poll shows 45 percent of voters prefer the unnamed Democrat in their district, to 44 percent who side with the Republican.

Floridians are moderately happy that the Miami Heat won the NBA title, but most—53 percent– don’t care.

LeBron James’ personal numbers are the same as they were in June, with 32 percent seeing him favorably and 19 percent unfavorably.

As for Chick-fil-A , 54 percent of those polled said they see the controversial food chain favorably and 20 percent unfavorably.

Via Nora McALvanah of FLDemoracy2012.com.