Election Day insights from Wayne Garcia, the ol’ Political Whore


I asked USF journalism instructor Wayne Garcia, formerly the “Political Whore” at Creative Loafing and before that a well-regarded political consuntant and reporter, for his Election Day insights.  At first, I was going to just include them in my running live-blog, but they’re just too good not to share in their own separate blog post.

Here are his Tweets:

Insight 1: Running for judge is a win-win. Even if you lose, your practice will increase revenues afterward because of all the free pub.

Insight 2: As an NPA, I get to vote for nobody and see no direct mail, so I judge the election by TV ads and that is a terrible thing.

Insight 3: I hope that incumbent judges targeted for no good reason like past clients Ann Ober and Jack Day keep their jobs.

Insight 4: Not that I have a lot of Tea Party friends to judge by, but I don’t feel a lot of TP excitement/buzz. Did they all vote absentee?

Insight 5: Whoever did the anti-Brandes TV ads featuring the driverless cars should refund their consulting fee and media buy commission.