John Mica says campaign against Sandy Adams was a “horrible” experience


John Mica phoned POLITICO’s Morning Transportation just 14 hours after his race against Sandy Adams was called in his favor. He said he’s excited to put the “horrible” experience behind him and is working specifically on a Coast Guard bill and going back after railroad food prices that gave his committee such heartburn. “I’m going to go after Amtrak,” he said.

Mica said we should expect more Mica-isms now that he can concentrate a bit more of his attention to his committee – though he said he and his team are “going to run like we are 20 points behind” in the battle against his underfunded November Democratic opponent. Mica said levity is important in today’s political atmosphere. “Everybody takes themselves so seriously.”

Also, just for the record, Adams called up Mica on Tuesday night to congratulate him.