The Florida Chamber certainly had a good night Tuesday as 38 of 49 of its preferred candidates won their elections


Preliminary results show that 38 of 49 state House and Senate candidates endorsed by the Florida Chamber won their primary races on Tuesday. Two of the Florida Chamber-backed candidates are in races that are still outstanding.

That’s at least 85%, depending on the two recounts. In politics, that kind of winning record is hard to match. In fact, even the most successful consultants are more like baseball players — all-stars if they bat .300, Hall-of-Famers if they hit .350.

 Speaking of Hall-of-Famers, Marion Johnson, senior Vice-President of Political Operations for the Chamber, said,  “The vast majority of Floridians voted for pro-jobs, pro-business candidates who will help grow private-sector jobs and our state’s economy.”

On Tuesday night, Johnson played host to members of the Florida Chamber, the Florida Chamber Political Institute and prominent business and political leaders who attended the Chamber’s Primary Election Watch party.

For David Hart, Executive Vice President of the Florida Chamber, the number of Florida Chamber-backed candidates that were victorious is a “clear reflection that Floridians are looking to free enterprise principles and solutions to help secure Florida’s future.”