It's just business, nothing personal: Aronberg fires again at Gelber over connection to BP, but says "he's not angry"


In the latest e-mail from Dave Aronberg, he cotinues his criticism of when and why his opponent Dan Gelber resigned from the law firm soon to represent BP:

In May, while BP’s oil surged toward our pristine beaches, BP hired my opponent’s law firm to defend the company.

There is little doubt that our next Attorney General will be engaged in multiple actions against BP on behalf of the people of this state.  That person will be needed to do everything in his or her power to ensure that our state and our people are made whole.

To be effective, Florida’s AG must be independent of BP.

I had hoped that my opponent, Dan Gelber, would do the right thing and immediately resign from his law firm. He did not.  He dismissed the problem as a “non-issue.”
On Monday, more than a month after BP hired Mr. Gelber’s law firm, I issued a statement to demand that Mr. Gelber resign immediately.  In response, he said he would leave his law firm sometime in “early July.” He then denied he was a shareholder or partner at his law firm, even though he has been listed as such for years.

The Republican attack machine would have a field day with this.

As one of the leading critics of BP, you will never have to worry which side I’m on. Our next Attorney General needs to be the people’s attorney – and not the polluter’s attorney.

The best part of the -email is the closing section:

I’m not angry at my opponent. He and I served in the legislature together.  The fact remains, however, that his employment by BP’s law firm could disqualify him from representing Florida against BP as Attorney General.