From the weekend: After recount, Barbara Watson hangs on to victory in HD 107 by 13 votes


A hand recount in the Democratic primary for House District 107 between Reps. John Patrick Julien and Barbara Watson did not change the original outcome of the election — Watson won — although it did narrow the margin of victory to just 13 votes.

“Congratulations to Rep. Barbara Watson on her re-election victory,” said Florida Democratic Party chairman Rod Smith. “Barbara has been a strong voice for Florida’s middle class families and a tireless advocate in Tallahassee. She has delivered for the people of her district and they delivered her a victory.”

“This is yet another election that shows how important it is that people vote and that every vote does matter,” Smith reminded.

The recount was triggered because the race was decided by less than one-half of 1 percent of the votes cast.

On Tuesday night, Watson led by only 26 votes when county officials stopped counting.