Forget about fantasy football; how about fantasy politics?


If real-life politics isn’t entertaining enough for you, as of Tuesday, you’ll have new outlet on Facebook with “For The People: Fantasy Politics,” brought to you by gaming startup Rocket Surgeon Entertainment.

Players adopt avatars and live out professional lives as members of the House. They take meetings with lobbyists, debate proposed amendments with colleagues in committee, negotiate positions before moving proposed bills, and they can also crowdsource legislation. Eventually, they’ll also be able to campaign for re-election or run for the Senate or the presidency.

Former senators Rudy Boschwitz and Norm Coleman of Minnesota and Evan Bayh of Indiana are on Rocket Surgeon’s advisory board, as is Democratic campaign consultant Joe Trippi. The rest of the company’s advisory board consists of veteran political consultants, lawyers, gaming industry, advertising and marketing veterans.

Via Tech President.