Anti-stalking legislation the centerpiece of smart new ad from Scott Plakon and David Simmons


As difficult as this is to imagine in this political environment of unceasing negativity and unending vagueness, there are still campaigns producing mailers and TV ads which, you know, talk about a candidate’s accomplishments and record.

Like the Florida panther, these ads are increasingly difficult to spot, but when they are, they deserve at least some notice.

One of these political endangered species is the smart new spot from Rep. Scott Plakon and Sen. David Simmons, who co-sponsored the anti-stalking legislation highlighted in this ad.

Clear and crisp, the ad doesn’t go overboard on the production values. Also smart is Plakon and Simmons getting out of the way and letting a mother do the talking in the spot. Sometimes, less is more, gentlemen.

Consultant Rick Wilson generally agreed with my assessment, “Targeted, focused on the demo, neither man showboating, proper role of government to make the law work to a arrow focus, looks great.”

This ad isn’t going to set the world on fire. There aren’t any driverless cars or pigs at a trough, just two lawmakers and a pretty decent piece of legislation. How novel!