Say what? Democratic challenger Jessica Ehrlich says Bill Young comes from “same school of thought” as Todd Akins


In a new fundraising letter, Democratic congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich writes, “The whole country is in shock over what Republican Congressman Todd Akin said over the weekend regarding ‘legitimate rape victims.’ “

No one is going to disagree with Ehrlich there. As she says, it’s difficult to believe that a member of Congress could believe that a woman can’t get pregnant during rape because women’s bodies have “a way of shutting these things down.”

But then Ehrlich takes a ridiculous wrong turn, writing “…what is more shocking is the Congressman C.W. Bill Young comes from the same school of thought as Rep. Akin. Just last year, Young and Akin cosponsored a bill that tries to ‘redefine’ the act of rape.”

First of all, as far as this matter is concerned, nothing is more shocking that the original statement from Akin. To suggest that any connection Young might have to Akin is “more shocking” than the original comment is a disservice to the women Ehrlich hopes to “protect” by gathering signatures or some such thing for a petition she has organized.

Again, nothing is more shocking than Akin’s statement.

Perhaps not shocking, but certainly, disappointing is all of these politicians’ attempts to bracket one politician with another’s outrageous act. Bill Young doesn’t come from the “same school of thought” as Todd Akin, regardless or not if Young co-sponsored a certain, albeit reprehensible, bill.

Jessica Ehrlich needs to focus on running against Bill Young on the issues important to Pinellas voters, not get drawn into a national debate that will be forgotten by the time the next congressman says something ridiculous.

By the way, that could be any moment now.




  1. I don’t think she is she wrong. The reason why Akin’s comment is so shocking is because his beliefs are more mainstream than what most people think. To say that the “shock” value is limited to just Akin’s comment is missing the point. Repeat, Akin’s comment is mainstream among conservatives even if they won’t admit it, Akin just went off-message. More power to Jessica if she wants to call out Young for it.

  2. Just another example of why women should not bleach thier hair. It’s a cognition commonly referred to as PILCDB or, Peroxide Induced Liberal Cranium Dain Bramage. You just can’t continually massage your melon cover with that chemical, and expect no adverse effects.

  3. You’re confusing persuasive media with base/fundraising media.

    Same reason why the angry letters the RNC sends out to potential donors contain different content and tone than their paid television ads aimed at persuadable voters.

  4. I think the reason it is “more shocking” is because it is right in your backyard! Most people think when they hear about Cong. Akin, “oh, well that is just some far right crazy from the middle of nowhere who’s views are not supported by anyone.”

    To me, it is more shocking that the bill that Young cosponsored with Akin did have widespread support. I don’t see why letting the voters of Pinellas County know this information would make anyone, “say what?” unless of course they are shocked at what an idiot they have for a Congressman!


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