Kids Say Allen West Needs a “time out” in new Patrick Murphy ad


Beginning today, Patrick Murphy’s campaign will air its second television ad of the general election.  Entitled “Time Out,” the 30-second spot is backed by a significant buy on network TV in the West Palm Beach-Treasure Coast market.

“Time Out” features grade-school children repeating some of Allen West’s most notorious insults, illustrating the divisiveness of his words and how inappropriate they are for a member of Congress.

Text:  “You are not a lady.”  “You are the most vile and despicable.”  “Member of the Communist Party.”  “Get the ‘bleep’ out of the United States.”  “You’re a threat to the gene pool.”  Allen West said all these things and worse.  But bullying and name-calling have no place on the playground, or in Congress.  I’m Patrick Murphy, and I approve this message.  I’ll reach across the aisle and solve problems.  And Allen West?  “You need a time out!”