Keith Fitzgerald setting up oppo-site against Vern Buchanan


Trailing by 22 points in the polls, Democrat Keith Fitzgerald is  preparing an attack website against his Republican opponent Rep. Vern Buchanan.

“Fitzgerald’s decision to make character assassination the central theme of his campaign is sad, disappointing and symbolic of everything that’s wrong with politics today,” said Buchanan spokeswoman Sally Tibbetts. “These types of sleazy attacks insult the intelligence of Florida voters and are why people hate Washington.”

Of course, Fitzgerald, a political science professor at New College, once denounced negative campaigning when it was used against him in earlier campaigns.

“Anybody can run a sleazy, negative campaign, what takes more guts is NOT to,” he said in 2008 as he ran for re-election to the Legislature.  Fitzgerald even took to the airwaves accusing his opponent of “dishonest” and “negative” attacks at a time when the country needed “leadership.”