Report: @ConnieMackIV tied to “unusual” legislation benefiting major donor Paul Singer


New York Post: (Paul) Singer and his employees have been a top contributor to 23 Republicans running for Congress, but few received more money than (Connie) Mack.

Elliott Management employees are Mack’s top financial backer, giving a total of $38,413, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Mack is close to Singer in another way. Several months before he announced his Senate candidacy, Mack was the leading sponsor of a bill designed to pressure Argentina to pay Elliott $2 billion that the hedge fund claims it is owed.

The two parties have been in court for almost a decade now regarding defaulted Argentina debt that Elliott bought in the secondary market.

Similar bills have been introduced in two prior Congressional sessions but have never made it out of committee.

It’s highly unusual for legislation to single out a single country and its dispute with private creditors, according to Congressional sources.

Singer declined to comment. Mack could not be reached.