Four things Romney must do tonight


Four things Mitt Romney must do tonight via First Read: “If tonight’s speech is to be successful, Romney has to meet four objectives.

One, he has to better introduce himself to the American public; it remains striking that after running for president for much of the past five years, voters still don’t have more than a two-dimensional understanding of the soon-to-be nominee.

Two, he needs to convince the public that, while he looks the part, he’s the man Americans are comfortable seeing on their TVs for the next four years.

Three, he has to try to close the empathy gap; our most recent NBC/WSJ poll found President Obama holding a 22-point advantage on who cares more about average people.

And four, he needs to put some meat on the policy bone to make the case how his plans could actually work better than Obama’s — and how they are different from the past Republican administration.

If four hours are going to decide this presidential election, the first hour comes tonight.”