Dean Cannon, Mike Haridopolos bid adieu


While Republicans and Democrats are readying for the Nov. 6 elections, state House Speaker Dean Cannon is marking his calendar for another reason. “I’m looking forward to it because that will mark the end of my time on the public stage,” Cannon said Thursday.

The speaker and outgoing Senate President Mike Haridopolos appeared during a Florida delegation luncheon at the Republican National Convention. Both touted accomplishments during their two years of leading the Legislature. That included avoiding tax increases as they closed budget shortfalls; passing a law to try to curb prescription-drug abuse; and overhauling the Medicaid system — or, as Haridopolos described it, “welfare health care.” Cannon also took a shot at former Gov. Charlie Crist, who is wildly unpopular among Republicans after leaving the party in 2010. Cannon said he came into office serving with a “principle-centered” governor in Jeb Bush and is leaving office while serving with another in Rick Scott. “I try to forget about the four years in between,” he said, referring to Crist’s tenure.

Via The News Service of Florida.