Democrats could keep U.S. Senate


Charlie Cook: “For Senate Democrats, the 2012 cycle was supposed to be about exposure to the kind of losses that would imperil their majority. Their goal for the cycle was simple: Hang on to control of the chamber by a thread. Just months ago, such an objective seemed like a pipe dream, and for good reason.”

“But looks can be deceiving, especially in politics. A mix of factors has combined to give Democrats a fighting chance of holding their majority. For starters, they got some breaks at the hands of Republicans. The first was the decision by Sen. Olympia Snowe, to retire… The second break came in August, when Rep. Todd Akin, the GOP’s newly minted Senate nominee in Missouri, uttered the words ‘legitimate rape.’ That one phrase transformed this race against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill… Another factor is recruiting. Democrats managed to recruit strong candidates in races for Republican-leaning seats.”