Wanna beat the Bucs’ blackout? Buy a Slingbox


Tampa Bay is getting used to it by now, but the NFL blacked out another Bucs season-opener this weekend.

Even with the reduced 85% capacity threshhold, the team didn’t come close to selling enough tickets.

So what’s the best way to beat the blackout?

Many Bucs fans have signed up for NFL RedZone, the highlight reel disguised as a TV channel that broadcasts the game when the Bucs or their opponents threaten to score.

But what about the diehard Bucs fan who wants to see every play?

Well, there is this creative idea. Buy a Slingbox, the streaming media device which allow users to remotely view and control their home’s cable system. Install said Slingbox on a willing friend’s TV outside of the blackout area (which extends 75-miles outside of the market); Ft. Myers is far enough outside of this radius that if you have a friend who lives there, this plan should work. Turn on your Slingbox and watch the local channel’s broadcast of the Bucs game.

Is this a lot of work just to watch an NFL game? Sure. Is it expensive? Relatively, yes. But if you purchased a 70-inch HD television to watch the Bucs games, this plan doesn’t sound like too heavy a lift.

It’s just a matter of how big a Bucs fan are you?

Material from Shadow of the Stadium was used in this post.