Stat of the Day: 1.3 million political ads have already aired on local broadcast TV


New research from Kantar Media’s CMAG paints a dramatic picture of the unprecedented amount of ads that voters are being exposed to this cycle – as much as three to twelve times as many as in past elections:

As of early September 2008, we had seen 832,291 spots representing all political advertising on local broadcast TV for the 2008 cycle up until that point, with an ultimate total of 2.29 million by Election Night. In other words, by this point in the cycle, we were 36% of the way there.

As of early this month, we have seen 1.3 million ad occurrences for all political advertising on local spot TV. If we’re 36% of the way there once again, that means we have another 2.3 million ad occurrences left to air in less than two months for an ultimate total of 3.6 million. That’s about 43,000 spot occurrences per day for the rest of the election cycle, give or take a few.

H/t to Andrew Sullivan.