You gotta love this quote from Maryland governor Martin O’Malley


You gotta love this quote (via BuzzFeed) from Maryland governor Martin O’Malley.

“Sometimes in campaigns you can drive yourself crazy with the micro-targeting and the pollsters and the tea leaves and the pixie dust trying to twist yourself into triple back-flips to appeal to the three percent that are the undecideds that live in suburbs and have lawns that are less than 20 feet long and all that bullshit. Just tell the base why you’re doing what you’re doing and why you’re better than the other guy.”

It’s not what he was directly referring to, but aren’t O’Malley’s comments the counter-argument to the moneyballing of politics, as described in Sasha Issenberg’s new book, “The Victory Lab”.

Examining the analytical revolution driving the Obama campaign, Issenberg inspects the sophisticated data operations being run by modern campaigns:

Over the last decade, almost entirely out of view, campaigns have modernized their techniques in such a way that nearly every member of the political press now lacks the specialized expertise to interpret what’s going on. Campaign professionals have developed a new conceptual framework for understanding what moves votes. It’s as if restaurant critics remained oblivious to a generation’s worth of new chefs’ tools and techniques and persisted in describing every dish that came out of the kitchen as either “grilled” or “broiled.”