No correction yet from Patrick Mantiega and La Gaceta for grossly incorrect comments about Charlie Crist


Two weeks ago, La Gaceta publisher Patrick Manteiga, in a column expressing his disappointment that Charlie Crist was given a speaking role at the Democratic National Convention, attempted to paint Crist as a limousine liberal.

“All of the sightings of Charlie Crist rubbing elbows with Democrats have been through closed windows of mansions, where high-dollar, exclusive fundraisers for Nelson and Obama are being held,” writes Manteiga.  ”Crist has yet to visit a a local DEC , endorse a Democrat for county commission, school board or mayor or buy a ticket to a Jefferson-Jackson Dinner…”

Manteiga has rarely been as incorrect with his facts as he was in that statement.

Accordingly, I emailed Manteiga with a detailing of where he was factually incorrect. He responded by saying he would add the following list to his column.

That list should include Crist endorsing Pinellas County Commissioner Ken Welch in May.

That list should include Crist endorsing Leon County Superintendent of Schools Jackie Pons in August of 2011.

That list should include Crist contributing to and endorsing Democratic congressional candidates Al Lawson and Patrick Murphy and Palm Beach State Attorney candidate Dave Aronberg.

After Manteiga responded that he would include this information in his column, I expected to see the correction in his next available column.

Unfortunately, there was no correction in the latest edition of La Gaceta. That’s disappointing.

And it’s not like Manteiga did not have the room in his column for the correction. Perhaps it could have replaced the riveting update on Brian Blair’s wrestling career.