Gov. Scott announces $850,000 in defense reinvestment grants


Gov. Rick Scott today announced that 11 Florida communities with military installations collectively will receive $850,000 in 2012-13 Defense Reinvestment Grants, which support base retention and economic diversification efforts.

The state awards the grants annually on a project priority basis to organizations in military communities.  Enterprise Florida administers the program, which helps Florida’s sustain its reputation as the U.S.’ most military-friendly state.

“Florida continues to be the best place in the nation for military service members and their families to live and work,” said Governor Rick Scott.  “The Defense Reinvestment Grant helps maintain vital missions at Florida’s military installations while fostering a cooperative relationship between the military and the community.”

More specifically, the reinvestment grants must be part of a plan designed to a) fulfill the needs of an installation or, b) help defense-dependent communities develop strategies for expanding their non-defense economy.  Activities can include studies, presentations, analyses, plans, marketing, modeling, and reasonable travel costs.

The military and defense sector has a $60 billion economic impact on the state and provides more than 686,181 direct and indirect jobs.