Jessica Ehrlich’s chintzy criticism of Congressman Bill Young


I know, I know … Congressman Bill Young won’t debate challenger Jessica Ehrlich.

In my opinion, Ehrlich has every right to criticize Young for ducking her.

But her campaign makes a chintzy point in a press release sent this morning. The release slams Young because, “on September 15th he stumped for (Paul) Ryan in Florida outside the district he is supposed to represent.”

C’mon, Jessica.

Criticize Young for ducking you. Criticize, as you do, Young for stumping for Paul Ryan. But don’t waste time criticizing him for stumping for Ryan in oh-so-far-away Oldsmar.

Yes, Oldsmar is outside the district. But the voters of Young’s district can, to paraphrase Sarah Palin, see Oldsmar from their homes. To criticize Young for campaigning for the presidential ticket in Oldsmar is not something a serious challenger should put in the first paragraph of a press release.

Do better next time, Ms. Ehrlich.