Adam Hasner, former Republican Majority Leader, releases new TV ad saying blame both parties


Were I a voter in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, I would likely vote for Republican Adam Hasner, despite our policy differences. Simply put, Hasner is a better alternative than the bombastic Lois Frankel.

That said, it’s a little rich for Hasner, in his first television commercial, to play the I’m-above-it-all card.

“If you like name calling or slick political ads than flip the channel,” Hasner says. “But if you’re looking for someone who thinks both parties got us in this mess, hear me out.”

This from the former Majority Leader of the Florida House of Representatives.

What’s exciting about Hasner is that he is such a brave partisan warrior. But it is general election time, so I guess Hasner has to appeal to swing voters.

Do what you must, Leader Hasner.

Update: In response to Hasner’s new ad, the Florida Democratic Party released the following statement and fact check:

“Adam Hasner’s ad is a laughable exercise in hypocrisy,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux. “He did exactly the same things he now claims to oppose — and when politicians like Hasner say one thing, after doing the exact opposite, it’s hard for middle class Floridians to trust them with our state’s future.”