Rays not thrilled with next year’s unbalanced schedule


The following is cross-posted from Noah Pransky’s Shadow of the Stadium blog. Of course the post is worth a read, but so is the post linked to from Ken Rosenthal.

When it came to the high number of games MLB teams play against in-division rivals, Stu Sternberg once told me “any change is really in our favor.”

Unfortunately for Rays fans, Sternberg was wrong.  Instead of balancing out the schedule as it once considered, MLB added one more game against division rivals next year, bringing the Rays’ total to 19 against each the Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, and Orioles.  Sternberg doesn’t like that.

It will make the incredibly tough task of winning a wild card even harder for the Rays, but FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal suggests an interesting fix.

One way to mitigate the Rays’ disadvantage would be to scale revenue sharing so that Tampa Bay would receive a greater percentage than a low-revenue club such as the Cleveland Indians, who compete in a division with lower payrolls.

Rosenthal, who very reasonable explained in 2011 that contraction will never happen, that the Rays have nowhere to go, and that revenue sharing is working, adds another intelligent thought to baseball’s ever-evolving equality argument.