It’s long past time to let Rep. Chris Dorworth out of the doghouse


What, did the editors of the Tampa Bay Times wake up this week and just now discover Chris Dorworth is in line to be Speaker of the Florida House in 2015?

First it was Steve Bousquet reporting about how ‘big donors are lavishing Dorworth’s political operation’ and that – gasp – Dorworth is spending money on a travel aide. Then, columnist Dan Ruth hacked at Dorworth with a vitriolic column discussing issues long ago covered by the Orlando Sentinel.

Seriously, it’s like someone at the Times decided it was time to kick the shit out of Dorworth all of a sudden.

The Times can barely cover the state legislative races taking place in its own backyard, yet it’s devoting a lot of effort to worrying about a pol from Orlando.

About Dorworth, I wrote last year that, for those critics still down on him, it’s time to let him out of the doghouse.

We’ve all had problems — financial, personal, familial — the last couple of years. For many people, the last ten years were the lost decade.  The Chris Dorworth I know is battle-hardened, maybe even scarred, but he is a stronger man than he was when first elected.

 I don’t think it’s too literary to say, Dorworth has begun to embody the line from Hemingway: “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.”