New poll suggests residents uncomfortable with idea of building new stadium in north #StPete


If you build it, they still might not come.

That’s the indication gleamed from the latest results of polling commissioned by StPetePolls showing city residents are uncomfortable with the idea of building a new baseball stadium in the Carillon area of north St Petersburg.

Nearly 58% of those polled are opposed to the idea, while 42% said they support it.

Opposition to building the stadium in Carillon runs strongest (I would say surprisingly) among those self-described as 18 to 29 years of age. Sixty-four percent in this cohort oppose the idea.

It’s not clear if this opposition stems from not wanting to build a new stadium or just not wanting to build a new stadium in north St. Pete.

Next Friday, a firm owned by real estate developer Darryl LeClair will unveil plans to build a ballpark in the Carillon business park west of the Howard Frankland Bridge. LeClair owns about 12 acres of vacant land there and has a plan that would incorporate existing parking.

The Rays are under contract to play at Tropicana Field until 2027, but the team says getting a new stadium is vital to its ability to compete economically.

St. Petersburg officials have indicated a receptiveness to letting the Rays explore stadium options in or near the city’s north boundary.

One other tidbits to be gleamed from St. Pete Polls: Bill Foster has 53% approval rating compared to 47.5% who do not approve of his job performance. Foster is fairing better than the City Council, which has only a 44% approval rating.